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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can my synthetic lawn be installed?

Just about anywhere. Synthetic lawn can be installed over old lawn that has been removed, glued onto cleaned concrete, tiles and pavers. Ideally they should be reasonably level.

Q. How long will my synthetic lawn last?

Under normal conditions our synthetic lawn has an estimated life period of 15-20 years. That sounds like a great investment!

Q. Will my synthetic lawn get hot?

With soaring summer temperatures, everything outside absorbs the heat including synthetic lawn. Unlike bricks and pavers, synthetic lawn does not hold any heat so will in fact cool down very quickly. For an instant cool down squirt the lawn with water. The kids will love it!

Q. What about pets?

Your pets will enjoy the feel of the new lawn but, there are a couple of things you need to know. Droppings will need to be scooped up and the urine can be lightly hosed in from time to time. Dog urine has a tendency to be acidic and smell. A proven remedy is to sprinkle a small amount of soda bi-carbonate into their drinking water to neutralise. Properly installed synthetic lawn is very resilient to pets trying to dig holes.

Q. What maintenance is required?

Once installed there is very little upkeep. To remove leaves and garden litter you can either use a blower vac, garden broom or light plastic rake. After time, the lawn can flatten so it’s simply a matter of brushing up the fibres with a strong bristled garden broom to rejuvenate.

Q. Will my synthetic lawn require a sand infill?

Yes. This is very important for 3 reasons. Using the correct amount of silica sand keeps the yarn vertical, creating less shine which ensures the lawn will aesthetically look its best. Secondly it is necessary for weighing the lawn down to prevent theft or lifting. But most importantly it protects the backing from harmful UV rays.

Q. Will my synthetic lawn fade?

All our lawns are guaranteed against fading for 7 years and are manufactured using the best quality colouring agents and UV stabilizers to protect the product from long term degradation.

Q. Is the synthetic lawn flammable?

All our lawns are fire resistant however a burning cigarette could melt the fibres.

Q. Can water drain through my synthetic lawn?

The backing has a generous amount of drainage holes so water will dissipate at a rate similar to natural lawn.

Q. Do I need a border for my synthetic lawn?

A border or edge is recommended for the best results. This prevents the lawn from lifting and the base from moving. There are aluminium, treated pine, limestone, kerbing, bricks and plastic borders to choose from.

Q. Can I park a vehicle on my synthetic lawn?

Yes, as long as the area has been suitably excavated and filled with the correct amount of road base. If it is a high traffic area a shorter pile lawn is recommended.

Q. What is synthetic lawn made of?

The yarn is made of a blend of polypropylene and polyethylene and the backing consists of a double layer of polypropylene and/or an ultra-bonding strength latex.

Q. For peace of mind is my synthetic lawn lead and heavy metal free?

Yes. All varieties have been tested thoroughly and are proven to be very safe for our kids and pets. The imported lawns have been tested by the CSIRO while the Australian lawns pass all Australian standards.